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Our values


Obtain the confidence of the client, making us his first choice in the global trade of textile spare parts. Likewise to be the preferred for its maintenance services, committed to the efficiency and quality of our products and with advice for our customers.


To be a consolidated company for its capacity of marketing and service at a national and international level making customers make it their first choice for its efficiency and quality.


RAMGTEX DE MÉXICO has the commitment with the clients offering permanently in all its products and services the highest quality. Providing our experience and capacity of our staff to obtain the greatest benefit for your company.


Responsibility in the fulfillment of our functions.
Assertiveness in the advice and accompaniment in the relationships of our clients.
Meticulousness in the needs that customers require.
Gratitude for the preference of our customers.
Temperance and control over our product.
Efficiency in service and quality with coexistence with the client.
eXcellence in the attention and solution to the need that the client requires.